Mini Land Ranch

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Wethers 4 Sale

Available Wethers will be listed on this page.  They can also be sold as unregistered bucklings for breeding purposes.  They are always $150 each unless specified.  $125 each if picked up by 14 days old.  We wether them at 8 weeks of age. They will be bottle fed from birth, disbudded, be given cd & t shots at 4 weeks of age and 8 weeks of age. We will sell wethers with their horns intact if paid in full. Deposit to hold is $50. Wethers will be sold with a scrapie tag.

If a buckling is destined to become a pet, wethering him is necessary.  We perform the emasculator method once they reach a minimum of 8 weeks of age.  The Burdizzo tool is a bloodless way to castrate males.  There is no open wound to possibly get infected, no chance of tetanus, and they are bouncing around again in no time.  Their testes will shrink up over time.  We cannot guarantee 100% that this method is successful since it is dependent on crushing their cord properly, so the buyer should be diligent in checking the scrotum to make sure its shrinking in size.