Mini Land Ranch

"Top Confirmation without sacrificing milk production in one sweet, cute little package"

Does 4 Sale

1*M DK LGF Sassafrass

S: *B NC Promisedland Moon Mullican
SS: ++B Rosasharn TL Cauldron 90VEE
SD: 2*M SGCH NC Promisedland Jam-Beau-Laya 87VEE+
D: Fields of Grace Swall Victory
DS: Dragonfly AV Saltwater
DD: TX Twincreeks SB Night Shadow

Born 4/17/14.  $375.

Dry, open doe. Trained to hand milking and an automatic milker, utd on shots, etc.,microchipped, adga and ags registrations.
Mini Land Ranch S Loretta

S: +*B Rosasharn Struts A Bit-A-Sonny 88VEE *DNA*
SS: ++*B Rosasharn BB Son of Honey 87VEV
SD: 2*M Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly 88EEE+
D: 1*M WRF Little Helga 87VEE+
DS: Eglentyn Prince William
DD: Sonny Acre Farm L Masala Chai

Born: 4/8/2018, moonspots, $375.

 She was a bottle baby, she has never kidded, utd on shots, etc., adga and ags registrations.