Mini Land Ranch

"Top Confirmation without sacrificing milk production in one sweet, cute little package"


     Mini Land Ranch is a small hobby farm located in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  We moved here in 2012.  One of the most noteable features of this property was that it was 95% dense woods.  After much thought and research, we decided goats would be our favorite option for clearing the vegetation.  We looked at all the various breeds of goats and decided on Nigerian Dwarf goats. If we were going to get goats, we might as well get a dairy breed so that we could harvest their milk.
     Two years later, our sister company was formed, Log Cabin Naturals.  We create goat's milk products such as soaps and lotions. Of course we make any number of other products such as cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, you name it!
     All of our goats are ADGA and AGS registered.  We
participate in Adga's Linear Appraisal program every year.  We also are involved with Adga's Dhir program year round through Dairy One.

    Our entire herd is tested annually for Johnes, CAE and CL.  Pennsylvania is a Brucellosis and Tuberculosis free state.  We have never had any of these diseases on our farm.  Last testing was done May 2019.

    All registerable goats leave here with registration papers or applications.  Wethers leave here with a scrapie tag. 

   All babies are bottle fed from birth, disbudded, and given cd and t shots at 4 and 8 weeks of age.

    We do ask for deposits to hold an animal; wethers, $50 each, bucks & does, $150 each. Kids are wormed, given a 5 day dimethox treatment just prior to leaving and receive a hoof trim before they are picked up.

   Minimum weaning age is 8 weeks old. We do sell bottle babies. We have babies year round and also offer does in milk quite often. 
We raise Welsh Harlequin Ducks and always have eggs.

We have a trio of ABCA registered traditional black and white border collies. 

     If you would like to schedule a visit or have some questions about our animals, please go to our communication page and drop us a line!